_ July 29, 2017 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Nonprofit organizations and foundations increasingly depend on digital data to inform their strategies, monitor their progress, manage their organizations and pursue their missions. How can organizations and leaders maximize the opportunities presented by increased data use to drive evidence-based decision making and optimize limited resources, in ways that align with unique civil society values?

This one-day conference – the seventh on the Digital Impact World Tour and the only one in Australia – is about how the Australian social sector can be part of the Digital Civil Society Lab’s efforts to help the sector use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively. This is the chance to link Australia into an international movement and ensure your sub-sector/organization are part of this too.

Join international and Australian experts, global thought leaders and stakeholders from the nonprofit, government and business sectors for keynotes, panel conversations, and breakout sessions on topics ranging from digital capacity-building, emerging data practices, confronting biases in digital data, and rethinking the digital trends that are shaping the future of civil society. You will contribute to custom-built tools and resources that the Digital Civil Society Lab is developing, while gaining and sharing concrete insights into how to maximize nonprofit impact in the digital age.

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Topics include:

Possibilities and Responsibilities
A conversation about why nonprofits and foundations today should “assume digital” and how they can leverage the possibilities of digital data while navigating the new responsibilities facing civil society in the digital age.

Digital Dependencies
A panel discussion about the ways digital data and infrastructure create new possibilities for working across sectors and the new demands these relationships require.

Indigenous information systems in the digital age
An exploration of examples from indigenous communities in Australia (both urban and rural) who have built digital archives and cultural resources that align with and respect their longstanding information management practices. These examples help us consider the relationships between digital defaults and organizational values and practices.

Inventing Digital Organizations
A curated round of presentations highlighting emerging organizational forms, collaborations, or governance models in which the affordances of digital data have inspired new approaches to working across organizations or sectors.

Considering Bias
A fireside chat about the role of bias in data and algorithms, the opportunities and limits of addressing these biases, and how civil society organizations should adapt to a world in which these tools are omnipresent.

Digital Civil Society and the Future of Democracy
An exploration of the emerging digital trends shaping civil society.

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Digital Impact – Brisbane is presented by the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and hosted by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. Special thanks to our global partners Microsoft, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and Perpetual, Ltd., and to the many supporters who have subsidized the event to made this as low cost as possible.

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