Mumbai Cricket Association Banquet Hall February 7, 2018 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Digital Impact Mumbai

Digital Impact – Mumbai

The Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is exploring the implications of the digital age for global civil society. We are applying that knowledge to build a universal framework for civil society to use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively. Join us for a one-day conversation with leaders from India and around the world.



Setting the stage for a conversation to share ideas and experiences, build community, and inspire new research and tools to advance digital civil society.


Global Possibilities and Responsibilities
A global look at how social sector organizations can pursue the opportunities of digital data while understanding and addressing the risks.

Dr. Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab


Digital Dependencies
An interactive discussion on the new possibilities created by digital data and infrastructure for working across sectors and the demands that these relationships entail.

Dr. Sanjay Chahande, Deputy Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India

Rohini Nilekani, Chairperson, Arghyam and Philanthropist

Sanjay Podder, Managing Director, Accenture Labs

K S Vishwanathan, Vice President, NASSCOM

Dr. Sukanyya Misra, Senior Vice President – Advisors CoE, Mastercard Advisors


Data as Philanthropic Resource
A discussion of how data about philanthropy and the nonprofit sector is changing civil society structure and philanthropic practices and the opportunities to leverage data.

Venkat Krishnan, Volunteer, DaanUtsav

Pushpa Singh, 
Founder and CEO, GuideStar India

Murray Culshaw, Founder Chair, IndiaCares Foundation

Ingrid Srinath, Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University



A mid-day assessment of key learnings and what is next.

Arnav Kapur, Program Officer – Policy and Strategic Partnerships, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Inventing Digital Organizations
A curated round of presentations from India, highlighting emerging and innovative organizational forms, collaborations, and governance models enabled by digital data.

Kshitija Krishnaswamy, Director – Corporate Citizenship, Accenture India

Prabhat Labh, CEO, Grameen Foundation India

Annabel Mehta, President, and Arun Kumar, CEO, Apnalaya

Deepika Mogilishetty, Chief of Policy and Partnerships, EkStep

Saurabh Gupta, Head of Alliances and Solutions, Tata Trusts


Considering Bias
A conversation about the role of bias in data and algorithms, strategies for addressing these biases, and the broader implications for civil society.

Anja Kovacs, Director, The Internet Democracy Project


Digital Civil Society and Democracy
A conversation to jump start our collective discussion about the combination of threats to civil society and democracy that arise from algorithmic bias, privacy challenges, and the political economy of digital assembly and expression.

Arvind Gupta, Lead, Digital India


Felicitation of GuideStar India Transparency Award Winners
NGO Transparency & Accountability in a Digital Philanthropy Ecosystem. Showcase 50+ organisations that make exemplary public disclosure of data on identity, governance, compliance and performance and drive efficiencies in the philanthropy ecosystem.

Amit Chandra, MD, Bain Capital & Trustee, Tata Trusts


Launch of special NGO edition of God’s Own Kitchen, The Inspiring Story of Akshaya Patra

Rashmi Bansal, Author with Archana and Amit Chandra, Philanthropists


Dance Performance
Chidagni Pandey, introduced by Make-A-Wish Foundation of India


Closing Reflections

Ingrid Srinath, Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University



Digital Impact – Mumbai is presented by the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, in partnership with GuideStar India. Special thanks to our regional partner Accenture, and our global partners Microsoft, the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and Perpetual, Ltd.


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